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Interested applicants are required to satisfy both the general eligibility criteria set out below, and some specific criteria put down by the service operators.

Basic eligibility criteria:
1. Living in subdivided units and having queued for Public Rental Housing (PRH) for no less than 3 years; OR
2. Having urgent housing needs; And
3. Having a full-time job or Having applied for Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA);
4. Fulfilling other specific conditions or requirements put down by the service operators.

The actual procedure for screening tenants will be formulated by operators. With reference to Community Housing Movement, operators may use a point system to assess the housing and social needs of tenant households.  The system will consider some factors such as the number of family members, family background, household income, rent-to-income ratio, living condition, waiting time for PRH, special needs of children etc.

Check "Current Projects" for latest updates on social housings including their locations and respective service operators.
Eligible applicant could directly apply for tenancy through service operator.
Eligible applicant could not apply the tenancy through two or more service operators at the same time.
Service operator is responsible for screening the tenants. Service operator will follow its internal mechanism for declaring interests, and handle each application in a fair and transparent manner.
Agreement signing among HKCSS, service operator and tenant; Tenants will pay the monthly rental fee to service operator according to the agreement.
Service operator will provide community-based social services and work with tenants to develop their capacity for living independently in the community after the tenancy at social housing ends.